In January 2016, IP Australia commenced a project to refine and redesign correspondence sent to customers across all intellectual property (IP) rights.

This redesign forms part of a range of initiatives to create a seamless customer experience and will align our correspondence with the website, eServices and search systems. Incorporating several enhanced design principles, we expect the redesigned correspondence will create a better user experience and provide clear, succinct information to our customers.

Following on from the successful redesign of our patents, plant breeder rights and trade mark correspondence, customers can expect to receive the new-look electronic correspondence for designs from 1 May 2017.

Incoming changes:

IP Australia is establishing different correspondence streams for two customer segments – high and low volume filers to better meet the requirements of our customer base and tailor the information according to their differing needs. Customers can use our online form or contact us on 1300 65 10 10 if they would like to receive the alternate version of the correspondence type they will receive by default.

In addition to incorporating several design principles to achieve improved visual design, layout and clarity, metadata will also be included within its properties to enhance our correspondence for all users.

More information:

Customer feedback and enquiries can be lodged using our online form.

Publish online date: 
Friday, April 14, 2017