Last updated: 
3 July 2017

Australian Trade Mark Search has two different views – Quick Search and Advanced Search.

Advanced Search contains detailed search options and advanced features, including the ability to save your searches and generate detailed reports.

In the Advanced Search there are different options that can help you refine your search.

Let’s explore the search options available in the system by using the example ‘warp watches’.

If you search ‘warp’ as a part word you get 67 results.

If you click search you will see there are a lot of trade marks that have been removed or were never registered.

Click ‘refine’ to take you back to the advanced search page.

By changing the status to ‘Pending and Registered’ you can refine and narrow the search to 17 results.

If you want to narrow your search further you can limit it to certain classes of goods and services.

If you aren’t sure what classes are relevant to you find out more by clicking the link to the ‘classification search’.

Watches are in class 14.

You can see advanced search automatically searches across associated classes to find similar or related goods and services.

You now have eight results. None of these are in class 14. But they are included because they fall in associated classes that might include similar goods and services.

When considering similar trade marks what matters are the goods and services being claimed.

It’s not good enough to know what class something is in. You need to look at the words to know what is being claimed.

In Advanced Search you can flag trade marks as you go. This keeps them in a list that you can see by clicking ‘my list’ at the top of the screen.

The system keeps a record of the searches as you go. You can see this list by clicking on the ‘my searches’ link at the top.

You can download a PDF document with your list of trade marks and searches for your own records. This is available in the top right menu “download search report”.

If you need detailed help there is further information within the search system.

Watch this video on YouTube.