Last updated: 
24 April 2017

Monica has started a health tech business. She has developed a new smart watch with the latest technology for GPS and heartrate functionality. This watch will be accompanied with access to her nutrition web platform.

Monica is considering how she can protect her brand, so she can manufacture the watch and have it retailed online and in stores.

Monica looks at the pick list and searches for ‘smart watch’ and can see that it falls under class 9. She can also see that class 9 includes other technology, like GPS and heart rate recorders.

Good on you Monica, you’ve found the right class!

But Monica, what about your web platform? Do you want to protect this as well?

Monica considers how the web platform will make her business money. It will allow customers to sync their watches and use real time data to provide nutrition information.

Information in relation to nutrition is a key service that is provided via the platform so Monica goes back to the pick list and searches nutrition and finds class 44.

Monica can now submit her trade mark application knowing she needs to select class 9 for Smart Watches, GPS apparatus and electronic heart rate recorders as well as class 44 for provision of information regarding nutrition, dieting, wellness, and health via a website.

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