Last updated: 
24 April 2017

To recap…

  • Clarify the focus of your business; are you a producer of goods, a service provider or both?
  • You could be open to non-use actions if the goods and or services claimed are not part of your business. You don’t need to apply in as many classes as possible as it may provide you with no additional coverage.
  • Consider the output at the end of your business process when selecting the most appropriate claims; what do people pay you money for? 
  • Remember you can always submit a new application if your business expands.
  • Selecting the appropriate trade mark class and claims will save you money, give you the appropriate coverage and let you sleep easy at night.

Now it's time to finalise your trade mark application and get back to work.

Additional information can be found at where you can also find the picklist.

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