Last updated: 
24 April 2017

To save money and get the appropriate trade mark protection, the picklist can help traders select the classes that cover them adequately.

The picklist is not exhaustive, but it does cover an incredibly large number of goods and services. In fact, the pick list has over sixty thousand entries, so almost any good or service can be covered by an item on the list.

Also, a broad claim can cover your desired specific claim. For example, if David manufactures socks with printed green dinosaurs on them, it may not be a good idea for David to narrow his claim to be so specific as there is little flexibility for his product to evolve and he may then be left unprotected.

The item ‘Socks with green dinosaurs on them’ isn’t on the picklist, but ‘socks’ are.

A claim for ‘socks’ in Class 25 should keep David’s claim appropriate to his actual business focus.

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