Last updated: 
19 March 2016

Leaf free gutter guard is a complete gutter protection system it keeps all kinds of debris leaves and other things out of your gutters. The product works by adhering down to right on the top of the gutter and on to the roof if it’s a tiled roof it goes over the first tile and under the second, the idea of that is that there is no screwing, drilling or any other thing needed to penetrate your roof or your gutters.

We thought we needed some protect the IP of the Leaf Free Gutter Guard because it was a new unique product and it worked and no doubt in some point something that’s good and works someone’s going to try and copy that. The process of registering the patent was fairly lengthy we went through a patent attorney things went from the drawings original idea how we were going to concept, how we were going to market what areas and pretty much what market we wanted to hit as well, even right down to the fine details of what it was made of how it was made and how it was put together.

If I was going to register my product again now a few things I would change we would be thinking about the miner or the minute things in within the patent the wording to include things that you might not think is relevant and also go over it a few times and get some professional advice on it.

The advantage of being involved with the patents and IP with Leaf Free Gutter Guard is to get a bit of security to know that you know your hard effort is always protected and there are things out there that can help you along in your business.

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