Last updated: 
21 April 2016

Review commenced: 11/01/2010
Duration of review: 2010-2012

Responding to concerns raised about the low level of collaborations between business, universities and other publicly-funded research organisations (PFROs), the Australian Government asked ACIP to conduct a review of these collaborations.

This Report identifies important factors that affect the formation and operation of collaborations, and includes recommendations on how these can be improved.

Specifically, it looks at the role of IP and how it acts as an enabler or disabler. Consistent with the terms of reference, ACIP also sought to identify other important factors.

In preparing this report ACIP benefited from consultations with industry, universities, public research agencies, representatives of the Government and other relevant organisations and research bodies. The Australian Government released ACIP's Final Report on 8 November 2012.

ACIP identified a number of important issues in its report Collaborations Between the Public and Private Sectors: the Role of Intellectual Property.  The Australian Government recognises the importance of increasing collaboration between research organisations and industry and, through the Boosting the Commercial Returns from Research strategy and the National Innovation and Science Agenda, has announced a number of initiatives that are aimed at addressing this issue. The research, analysis and recommendations in ACIP’s report helped to inform the development of these initiatives and the Government appreciates ACIP’s contributions in this area.

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