Last updated: 
27 November 2020

IP Australia recently changed some fees as of 12am AEST, 1 October 2020*.

A list of the fee changes can be viewed here.

IP Australia periodically conducts fee reviews to ensure our cost recovery arrangements continue to be in line with the Australian Government Charging Framework, and that our fees are consistent, transparent and recover the costs associated with administering the IP rights system.

Overview of the 2019-20 fee review process

In 2019, we invited public comment on our fees and fee structure with over 80 submissions received. Of these submissions, 28 were identified as potential candidates to be implemented as part of the 2019-20 fee review, with a further 26 submissions informing IP Australia’s longer-term strategy on policy objectives for future fee reviews. You can read the public submission here.

In December 2019, we published IP Australia’s draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) outlining the proposed fee changes, and sought feedback over a 9-week consultation period, ending 16 February 2020. Ten submissions were received during this consultation period.

Most of the submissions expressed concern about proposed changes to costs awarded for oppositions and hearings. In light of that feedback, IP Australia decided that the proposed changes to cost awards required further consultation and consideration and will not proceed with changes at this time.

Regulations have now been made to amend IP Australia’s fees, and the fee changes have been implemented as of 12am AEST, 1 October 2020*.

The final version of the Cost Recovery Implementation Statement was published following the release of the Federal Budget in October 2020.

*Please note: Changes to Madrid Import Application fees are scheduled to commence from 12am AEDT, 7 November 2020.