Last updated: 
17 June 2019

Why do we want your feedback?

At IP Australia we have a commitment to continuous improvement. This commitment is highlighted in the IP Australia Strategic Plan 2015-18 as strategic priority 1.0 - Deliver new and improved administration of IP rights that enhances the customer experience. This priority is supported by a number of strategies and actions, chief among which is strategy 1.3 - Use customer research and engagement to understand customer needs and inform improved customer experience.

This survey seeks your feedback on the Australian Search Information Statement, how it compares to the information provided by other intellectual property offices and seeks your input to any improvements that might be valuable to you as a user of our patent search products.

What is a Search Information Statement?

When our examiners conduct an original search, a Search Information Statement (SIS) is provided as part of the exam report to inform the applicant and/or attorney of the key elements of the undertaken search. This SIS is provided primarily to support the transparency of office practice and support the decision made by the examiner.