Last updated: 
28 June 2018

The Australian Government previously agreed that IP Australia would investigate the implications of Australia joining the Hague Agreement for designs. The Hague Agreement allows designers to file into 68 territories through a single application.

IP Australia has undertaken an economic analysis which explores the costs and benefits to Australia of joining the Hague Agreement. This analysis is published below and is intended to form part of the evidence base on whether Australia should join the Hague Agreement.


From 29 March to 31 May 2018, IP Australia conducted public consultation on the Hague Agreement economic analysis report. We invited stakeholders to provide feedback on the methodology and assumptions of the economic analysis. We also sought feedback on any unquantified impacts and welcomed case studies and any experience users of the Hague system, or applicants for design overseas, have had.

Thank you to all who provided submissions to the consultation.

We are considering all the submissions and are developing a response to this consultation. We will publish the response in due course.

Submissions received

We received six non-confidential submissions from the following:

Contact officer

The contact officer is Brett Massey, who may be contacted on +61 (03) 9935 9666, or via email at