Draft IP Laws Amendment Bill 2017 - Part 13: Acceptance of trade mark applications (& Part 12 of the draft Regulations)

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Policy ID: 66

Status: On hold

Priority: Medium

Trade marks

Issue summary

The Streamlining Bill investigated and proposed changes to the 15-month acceptance period.

Under this proposal, IP Australia would further explore this issue and conduct an overall review of trade mark timeframes to identify any inefficiencies that may exist in the trade mark system and decrease any complexity. The review could include acceptance and divisional timeframes, response periods, extensions of time, deferrals of acceptance and other matters. 


  • On hold 4 September 2017


Public consultation on this issue took place from November 2016 - February 2017.

In light of stakeholder feedback, and high priority proposals resulting from the Government's response to the PC inquiry this proposal has been downgraded to Medium priority. This issue has been placed on hold and will be considered for inclusion in a later Bill.

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