Renewals and terminology (patents, trade marks and PBR)

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Policy ID: 117

Status: On hold

Priority: Low

Patents Plant breeders rights Trade marks Fees

Issue summary

At present designs, patents and trade mark applicants may pay renewal fees up to six months after the renewal date, as long as late fees are also paid. However, plant breeder's rights applicants have no such renewal grace period and must pay renewal fees by the anniversary.

The four IP rights sometimes use different terminology for what is essentially the same status or process.


  • On hold 4 September 2017


Public consultation on this issue first took place from November 2016 - February 2017.

The designs aspect of the proposal was completed with the enactment of the ACIP legislation. 

Please refer to policy ID: 61 for further information about the implementation of this issue through the Designs Bill.

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