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Status: Completed

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Design rights Patents Plant breeders rights Trade marks ACIP

Issue summary

In its 2010 review of post-grant enforcement, the former Advisory Council on IP (ACIP) recommended IP Australia work with other organisations to establish an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) resource. This would improve the options and provide a lower-cost approach for resolving IP disputes other than litigation.

IP Australia proposes establishing a mediation referral service. The proposed service will provide a list of accredited ADR providers with expertise in a range of IP rights.


  • Completed 30 August 2017


IP Australia has launched an IP Mediation Referral Service and associated content on alternative dispute resolution, including remote access to WIPO's Arbitration and Mediation Center. These services will help parties to IP disputes to access ADR, and provides a lower-cost alternative to litigation. Head to Someone is using my IP for more information.

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