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Policy ID: 64

Status: In Parliament

Priority: Medium

Design rights Patents Plant breeders rights

Issue summary

The IP legislation requires IP Australia to maintain an Official Journal for each of the four IP rights. The purpose of the Official Journals is to inform the public about an IP application or right. This enables interested parties to take action, such as opposing the right or seeking a licence from the IP owner. The Official Journals are regularly published as searchable PDF documents and in searchable electronic database form on IP Australia's website. 

With the development of modern electronic communication systems there is a diminishing need for publishing periodic Journals. Most of the information in the Journals is publicly available through IP Australia's electronic search databases and the online publication of IP Australia's official notices. IP Australia is further improving the functionality and services of its public databases to provide customers with online access to all the information available through the Journals, and more.


  • Public consultation on this issue took place from November 2016 - February 2017

  • On hold 4 September 2017
  • Reviewed August 2020
  • Identified for action 5 December 2022
  • In Parliament 22 June 2023


Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Regulator Performance) Bill 2023 was introduced to the Australian Parliament on 22 June 2023 to resolve the trade marks Official Journal. The Bill is currently before the Parliament for consideration.

The issue relating to the remaining IP rights has been placed on hold and will be considered for inclusion in a later Bill.

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