We are looking for ways to reduce regulatory burden within the intellectual property (IP) system.

This initiative is part of the Australian Government's commitment to cut $1 billion in red and green tape each year.

The government's regulation reform agenda involves:

  • a more rigorous approach to policy making, where the default position is no new regulation
  • an audit of existing regulations
  • two Parliamentary repeal days every year to cut unnecessary regulation
  • a requirement to offset any increased regulation with a reduction of existing regulation 
  • a commitment to cut red tape by $1 billion per year.

What is included

Regulation includes any rule of government that imposes costs on business, community organisations or the public. This includes formal rules like the Patents Act 1990 or the Trade Marks Regulations 1995. It also includes informal rules, like application forms.

Cutting red tape in the IP system

IP Australia is reviewing its regulations to find areas where we can cut red tape without compromising the integrity of the IP system. We will consult on our ideas as they are developed. However, we need your help to find more ways to cut red tape.

Businesses and individuals deal with IP regulation every day. IP Australia wants to hear from you on ways to help reduce red tape in the IP system.

How you can help cut red tape

Tell us how the red tape costs of the IP system could be reduced. Send us a short email at dereg@ipaustralia.gov.au.

Suggestions for cutting IP red tape don't need to be long and detailed. Just identify the regulation or rule, tell us what it costs you (Time? Money?), and why you think we don't need it.

More information

To find out more about IP Australia's role send an email to dereg@ipaustralia.gov.au