Last updated: 
13 July 2016

We will occasionally seek your views to help us shape and improve the Australian intellectual property system but the choice to participate in our research is yours. If you do choose to participate it will help us better deliver products and services to meet your needs.

You might be invited to participate in a survey, discussion group or an individual interview. We select a number of people from a list of potential participants that are representative of the groups we want to know more about, for example, trade mark self filers or start-up businesses. We make an effort to ensure we don’t ask you to participate in more than one survey or research project a year.

If you agree to take part in our research, your privacy is protected and you have a number of rights.

Your personal information

If you participate in our research, your personal information remains confidential. We give research companies limited contact details to make it possible for them to conduct the survey. We are not able to identify individuals and their responses from the results.

Your privacy

Our contracts with the research companies contain legally binding provisions to protect your privacy. They are bound by principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act). The information we give them:

  • can only be used for the specified research activity
  • cannot be given to anyone else
  • must be returned to us or destroyed at the completion of the research.

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Your rights

If you are invited by us to participate in research you have the right to:

  • ask the researcher to contact you at a time that is more convenient
  • ask for proof that the research is on our behalf
  • decline to give an answer to a question
  • end the interview for any reason. 

What research companies must tell you

Research companies must inform you:

  • how you were selected to take part in the research activity
  • the purpose for collecting the information
  • that they have been contracted by us and are bound by the same privacy  obligations as us
  • that the research activity is voluntary and you are not obliged to participate.


Fraudulent people may tell you they are from IP Australia to gain information for their own illegal purposes, including identity theft. If you are asked to take part in a survey and are not sure it is really us, you can check a list of our current research to confirm the research is being conducted by us.

Contact us

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about our research activities you can contact us.