Last updated: 
5 April 2016

‘The best idea in Australia’ competition terms and conditions and declaration

By submitting a digital entry and entering ‘The best idea in Australia’ online competition, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Competition description

    IP Australia’s ‘The best idea in Australia’ online competition invites innovators, start-ups and small businesses to submit a digital entry illustrating how they’re protecting their idea. By submitting a digital entry of their choice, they are encouraged to explain what value having an intellectual property (IP) strategy has brought to them and/or their business. The digital entry is to explain what the idea is and what type of IP protection they’re using, for example protecting a distinctive logo with a trade mark has added value to their business by preventing another business using the same logo. Entrants are also encouraged to be creative in the way they present their submissions.

  2. Eligibility criteria for participation

    Entrants must be Australian citizens/residents over 18 years of age to enter the competition.
    IP Australia employees whether they are employed on a full-time, part-time, ongoing or non-ongoing basis cannot participate in this competition. 
    Entrants must submit their entry online.
    Entrants must own the IP of the idea outlined in their competition entry.
    IP Australia reserves the right to request supporting documentation as evidence that you own the IP of the idea outlined in your competition entry. 
    IP Australia reserves the right to cancel the prize or select another winner if the initial successful winner does not meet the eligibility criteria for participation or alternatively, cancel the competition.    

  3. Submissions

    ‘The best idea in Australia’ is a social media-based competition. Entrants are encouraged to share their submission via Facebook or Twitter and tagging IP Australia. Submissions will also be accepted by email for those who do not wish to use social media platforms.
    IP Australia is not responsible for any electronic transmission errors resulting in the omission, interruption, deletion, defect or delay in operations or transmission.

  4. Format

    Only digital submissions of 60 seconds or less will be accepted and may include video, animation, slide shows, .gif, digital photography, audio etc.

  5. Submission deadlines

    Online entries must be received by 23:00 hours (AEST) on Tuesday 12 April 2016.
    No late entries will be considered and/or accepted. 

  6. Language

    All text and audio in the submission must be in English.

  7. Validity of entries

    Entries must be the original work of the entrants, they must not have won or been entered in any previous competitions or any other public display and they must not have been previously published in any form or in any other place in Australia.
    All valid entries will be published on IP Australia’s website, Facebook and Twitter channels.
    Valid entries must:

    All entries will be judged by a panel from IP Australia.

      1. contain no material that could in any circumstances be considered a breach of any form of IP rights, whether they relate to branding, trade marks, copyright, etc
      2. be legible and understandable
      3. demonstrate that the participants are serious and have made an effort
      4. be politically correct and not insulting to any group or race, and
      5. fulfil all of the requirements contained in this document.
  8. Rights and permissions

    Entrants must hold all the necessary rights and permissions relating to the texts, photographs, cartoons, films, sound creations, illustrations and applications submitted in this competition and guarantee that there is nothing to prevent their participation in ‘The best idea in Australia’ online competition and the use of their entries by IP Australia in accordance with the provisions of these terms and conditions. 
    Entrants must declare that their entries do not violate any law including but not limited to copyright law and that their entry can therefore be freely distributed by IP Australia in relation to ‘The best idea in Australia’ creative competition.
    Entrants must declare that they are in possession of all the necessary approvals for any person involved directly or indirectly in the production of competition entries, including writers, actors, authors, performers of music, graphic designers, photographers and developers, and for any other party involved in creating or performing the entry.
    IP Australia will not be held responsible for any failure on part of the entrant to comply with this clause.

  9. Intellectual property

    Intellectual property of the idea submitted in the entry, and the entry itself, shall remain the ownership of the entrant. In addition, entrants grant IP Australia an unrestricted, royalty-free, world-wide, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive licence to use, modify and or adapt the idea submitted in the entry, and the entry itself for any communication campaigns IP Australia deems appropriate, which may include media, case studies, social media, feature articles and other forms.
    IP Australia will credit entrants wherever their entry is used.
    A copy of the entries will become part of IP Australia’s archive.

  10. Change to, or cancellation of, the competition

    In the event of force majeure or if circumstances so dictate, IP Australia reserves the right to suspend, postpone or cancel the competition at any time and without prior notice; in this event, entrants will not be entitled to claim compensation in any form.

  11. Acceptance of the rules

    Participating in ‘The best idea in Australia’ online competition implies full acceptance and observance of its rules outlined in these terms and conditions and any amendments and addenda to these terms and conditions that are notified at

  12. Evaluation and selection of winner

    The winner of the competition will be judged by a selected panel involving IP Australia staff, coordinated by the IP Australia Strategic Communication team.
    The winner will be announced on World IP Day, Tuesday 26 April 2016.
    The judging panel will decide the winner based on the evaluation criteria below. The judges will review each submission as they deem appropriate.
    The decision of the judges is final.
    The evaluation criteria are as follows:

    1. relevance of the subject – 70 per cent
      1. The value of an IP strategy is clearly communicated in the entry.
      2. The message effectively educates others on how to protect ideas.
    2. creativity and presentation approach – 30 per cent
  13. The judges panel

    The judges panel will select the winning entry based on the above criteria. 

  14. Prizes

    The prize is:
    The winner will be provided with an innovation incubator hub space in Australia up to the value of $5000 (inc GST), or if the winner lives in a remote area of Australia or is unable to access an incubator in Australia, they will receive business advisory services in Australia up to the value of $5000 (inc GST).
    The winner will nominate to IP Australia their preferred incubator hub space provider or advisory service provider. IP Australia reserves the right to reject a provider. In such instances, IP Australia will work with the winner to source an alternative provider.
    IP Australia will not enter into any contractual arrangements with the provider on behalf of the winner. 
    The winner will be announced on IP Australia’s website, Facebook and Twitter channels on World IP Day, Tuesday 26 April 2016.
    No further compensation will be paid in connection with the use of entries. Prizes are not transferable. There will be no prize substitutions other than those provided for in these terms and conditions. There will be no cash redemptions.
    If, for any reason, prizes cannot be awarded as stated in these terms and conditions, IP Australia reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or lesser value.

  15.  Notification of winner

    The winner will receive an electronic message with the results of the competition.
    The winner will also be announced on the IP Australia website, Facebook and Twitter channels.
    The decision of the judges’ panel is final.  No further correspondence will be entered into with entrants. 

  16. Personal information

    IP Australia collects personal information (personal and business name, email address, Facebook page url and/or Twitter handle, phone number) only as part of the entry in order to conduct the competition. 
    By submitting an entry, entrants agree that IP Australia may, for an indefinite period, unless otherwise advised, use the personal information collected from the entry for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes for the competition, for internet posts and/or for future communication activities by IP Australia. 
    IP Australia will not disclose your personal information outside IP Australia unless it relates to law enforcement activities, an exception under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) applies, or it is required or authorised by another Australian law. 
    Further information about how IP Australia collects, uses, discloses, protects and manages your personal information, and how you can access, or seek correction to, your personal information is contained at IP Australia’s Privacy Policy.

  17. Waiver of confidentiality and consent to public disclosure

    ‘The best idea in Australia’ online competition is a matter of public record. If any entrant submits any confidential business information or personal information pertaining to themselves or their company, that person thereby waives any claims to confidentiality and thereby consents to public disclosure by IP Australia of their personal and business information, including posting on the Internet, of all such information they submit and its use for future communication activities.  IP Australia accepts no responsibility for the disclosure of confidential information made in these terms and conditions. 


    Please note that all entrants should seek independent legal advice prior to entering into the competition and agreeing to these terms and conditions. 
    By participating in ‘The best idea in Australia’ online competition, you declare that you have read and accepted the ‘Entrant Declaration’ below in its entirety:
    I declare I have read and accepted the terms and conditions of participation as outlined in these terms and conditions in ‘The best idea in Australia’ online competition and have all the necessary permissions and rights for the submission of the information contained in my competition entry. I waive any claims to confidentiality and I consent to public disclosure by IP Australia of all such information including my personal information, which may be posted on the Internet and/or used for future communication activities by IP Australia. 
    I understand that information, once posted online may be accessed worldwide and IP Australia will not be responsible for any subsequent use or disclosure of that information.
    I further agree to indemnify and hold IP Australia, its officers, employees and agents harmless from any and all claims, liability, loss and loss of benefits, costs and expenses, willful negligence, misconduct, acts or omissions, actions, causes of action, debts, claims and demands of any kind and nature whatsoever that I currently have or that may arise out of, or in connection with, or indirect or consequential with, my participation in ‘The best idea in Australia’ online competition. This indemnity will survive the term of the competition and will remain in perpetuity. 
    I grant IP Australia a licence in accordance with clause 9 of these terms and conditions to use, modify and/or adapt the idea submitted in the entry, and the entry itself. 
    My participation in the competition will not violate or breach any applicable laws.