Last updated: 
24 August 2020

Transforming our customer facing digital services

IP Australia is currently undertaking a large-scale transformation of our customer facing digital platforms and services, including our B2B solution and our online services (eServices) platform.

The Transactional Digital Services (TDS) program is building modern, efficient and customer centric transactional platforms and services using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Our new B2B solution

High-volume IP Australia customers interested in our B2B solution can visit our APIs page to browse our API library and to learn more.

Upgrading our online services

IP Australia is upgrading our existing online services platform with a more modern, efficient digital experience to better meet your needs.

Our services will shift to the new platform in a staged approach, so you will soon start to see changes when accessing our services.

We are committed to putting customers at the centre of this large-scale transformation and are giving our customers access to the new IP Australia online services platform to try our new digital features and streamlined services.

Want to trial our new online services platform?

Using your existing eServices account login details, you can access the new experience to undertake the new streamlined trade mark renewal process (beta).

To help us best meet our customers’ needs, you can use the feedback tool to provide valuable feedback or rate your experience. All feedback will be collected anonymously and will help us further optimise the user experience.

There should not be any interruptions to our services, but you will notice changes in your online experience. We appreciate your patience while we make these improvements.

Try our new online services platform.

Program webinars

We host regular webinars to give program updates, technology demonstrations and seek feedback. Visit our webinars page to register for upcoming webinars, or watch past webinars.