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24 June 2019

Rebuilding our customer facing digital platforms and services

Businesses know how important Intellectual Property (IP) is and ensuring we have modern systems available to secure and manage that value is essential. 

The IP professional sector ranges from large international firms to small Australian firms and SMEs. For organisations of every size, having access to modern application platforms, case management systems and progressive ICT solutions underpin the service they provide their clients and is critical to their competitiveness.

Through our Transactional Digital Service program we’re building modern platforms and services which will open our transactional systems to the private-sector using APIs.

We will collaborate with the the private-sector to encourage innovation and development using our APIs to create a diverse range of services which enable IP Professionals and IP rights owners, both in Australia and around the world.

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The problem

Each year IP Australia processes over $200 Million in transactions. But just 30% of these transactions are received through our current B2B solution.

Because of the complexity of integrating with B2B, the solution has only been accessed by large, high volume firms who can afford the initial investment and ongoing maintenance.   

As a result, many IP Professionals working at smaller firms don't have access to integrated solutions to manage applications and renewals which would provide efficiencies for their businesses and the clients they support.

By using APIs to expose our services, we will allow the ICT industry to innovate and build solutions for IP professionals and IP rights owners in firms of any size.

The opportunity

An opportunity exists for ICT professionals and businesses to develop IP right application and management solutions for the IP industry. 

By using our APIs, these solutions will enable IP professionals and IP rights owners to manage IP rights far easier and with much greater efficiency. 

IP is a global industry and solutions need to be considered in the international context.

As part of the Transactional Digital Service program we will create a technical reference group which will inform the development of our APIs. We want to make sure that our APIs meet the needs of ICT developers building solutions and the IP professionals who will ultimately use the solutions.

Want to get involved?

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Interested in using our APIs?

You can browse our API library to find out more information about our APIs, as well as register, build and test using your application(s).

Program webinars

We host regular webinars to give program updates, technology demonstrations and seek feedback. Visit our events page to register for upcoming webinars, or watch past webinars below.

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Fifth webinar

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Sixth webinar

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