Last updated: 
19 May 2017

We're building the new Australian Design Search to replace the current Australian Designs Data Searching (ADDS) system. We want the development of the Australian Design Search to be collaborative. If you’re interested in providing feedback on this project, subscribe to our mailing list so we can keep you informed.

Image Search for Designs

We are the first intellectual property office to explore the application of image recognition technology to searching designs and provide a demonstration.

We have engaged TrademarkVision (TMV) as our delivery partner to replace our intellectual property search systems. TMV has a commercial system combining image recognition and machine-learning technology, developed specifically for searching trade mark images. In partnership with IP Australia, TMV is extending this technology to designs.

This will allow searching across designs using images themselves (e.g. drawings and photographs) as an alternative to classification codes or product names. An early demonstration system is available now, showcasing how the technology can search using multiple images (e.g. drawings showing a design from different perspectives) and return results from Australian designs data ranked by their visual similarity. We look forward to continuing building this innovation with TMV and explore its applicability to the new Australian Design Search.