Last updated: 
21 September 2020

Intellectual Property Forum - Redesigning Designs

IP Australia wrote an article for the September 2020 issue of ‘Intellectual Property Forum’. The article, Redesigning Designs: The Future of Design Protection in Australia, outlines the drivers behind undertaking research into the Australian designs economy, key findings that were uncovered and our next steps for our designs reform. Read the full copy of our article 1.

1. Michael Campbell and Lana Halperin, 'Redesigning Designs: The Future of Design Protection in Australia' (2020) 121 Intellectual Property Forum 9

Melbourne Design Week – Visualising Australia’s Design Economy

IP Australia was pleased to be included in Melbourne Design Week’s 2020 programme to launch a series of reports summarising our year of exploratory research.

The below video is a presentation focused around three core challenges that have emerged from this research.

View the transcript of Visualising Australia's Design Economy presentation.

Contribute your ideas for designs reform

We invite you to capture and send us your ideas of how you would solve each challenge introduced in the video above.

To contribute your ideas for reform, please complete your challenge cards and attach them to an email, or send a general email with your thoughts, to

Qualitative research

As part of our exploratory research, we held over 80 interviews around Australia with people from design-related professions and industries. The report, ‘Talking design’ takes you through what we’ve heard happens as a design goes through the ecosystem – from someone’s motivation to design something new, their interactions with the design rights system and getting their design to market, through to potentially experiencing and trying to combat copying.

Designs Forum

On 2 December 2019, IP Australia hosted a Designs Forum in collaboration with the University of Sydney.

The full-day Forum created an open, engaging and creative discussion that explored beyond the usual bounds of debate. Attendees were invited from an intersection of law, design and industry who represented a broad range of views and backgrounds.

The Forum aimed to generate solutions to a challenge facing the Australian design system today. The outcomes will feed into the designs review project that will directly influence designs reform being considered by the Australian Government.