Last updated: 
28 June 2017

IP NOVA is a free on-line tool which makes it possible to explore our IP data and look for inventions, brands and plants that have been filed with IP Australia.

IP NOVA allows anyone to search the complete patent, trade mark and plant breeder’s right registries, which is updated every week, and look for:

  • locations, be they regions, cities, electorates or areas
  • applicants, as the data is organised and cleaned by applicant information
  • general terms, and suggested terms
  • technology classes
  • instant statistics, breakdowns of trends and download of the search result.

IP Nova is live, and we will be using 2017 to collect feedback on its look, features and usability. Please send your thoughts to as we seek to move out of beta for next year.


IP NOVA example screen
IP NOVA example screen