Portfolio View

Last updated: 
15 December 2016

Portfolio view is a new tool to enable customers to view their trade marks and patents in one convenient location. It has been the most commonly requested feature by IP rights stakeholders for a considerable time.

IP Australia is pursuing this feature within our online services to display all rights where the customer is currently the active agent. We plan to extend Portfolio View in the future to display the remaining IP rights, and those where the customer is an applicant or an owner.

Introducing the newest enhancement to Portfolio View – IP Timeline

IP Australia is pleased to announce the newest enhancement to Portfolio View - IP Timeline. Currently available for trade marks, IP Timeline provides customers with a user friendly and informative timeline displaying the current status of their trade mark application as well as past and future milestones. IP timeline’s user focused design is consistent with the new Australian Trade Mark Search system as well as the recently improved IP right correspondence. We plan to deliver more exciting enhancements to the Portfolio View service and will be sure to keep you up to date.

Take the time and view our live beta.

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