Protection of Indigenous Knowledge in the Intellectual Property System

IP Australia is looking at ways to improve Australia’s IP system to help promote the cultural integrity and economic potential of Indigenous Knowledge (IK), which includes: 

  • Traditional Knowledge (TK) – know‐how, practices, techniques and skills; and
  • Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCEs) – visual imagery, performance, design, words and names.

This report summarises stakeholders’ feedback received in our consultation on IK issues.

New OCE studies showcase trade mark cluttering and use of design rights

26 June 2019

IP Australia has released two economic research papers which provide new evidence for how Australia’s intellectual property (IP) systems are used. The first study explores the extent to which Australia’s trade mark register is cluttered with out-of-use or overly broad trade marks. The second study reveals which Australian industries make intensive use of registered design rights, and how Australia’s design economy compares to those of our international peers.