Filing documents in patent oppositions

The Commissioner has issued a new direction for the filing of documents in patent oppositions.  A copy of the direction is included in this notice.

The main changes to the direction are in relation to documents mentioned in the SGP, and attachments to declarations:

SGP mentioned documents

.  all mentioned documents are to be included in a single electronic file

.  each document within the file is to be bookmarked separately


Implementation of the Government response to the Productivity Commission’s 2016 report into Australia’s Intellectual Property (IP) Arrangements

25 July 2019

The Government has released its response to the Productivity Commission’s 2016 report on Australia’s IP arrangements (PC report). Many of the IP recommendations require amendments to the legislation that IP Australia is responsible for.

The importance of Chinese language trade marks

In China, the Chinese language version of your brand can be just as important as the English language version, as winemaker Penfolds® discovered.

Penfolds® was locked in a protracted legal dispute with a businessman who registered the company’s Chinese name before it did.

Treasury Wine Estates, which makes Penfolds®, registered the English language name ‘Penfolds’ in China. Yet they failed to seek protection for the Chinese language version of its name ‘Ben Fu’.