Transcript: Acustico Lighting: Design and functionality


I have a background in interior design, and I was working in commercial interiors. Continually, I had clients that had a problem with noise. I decided that I really needed to create something that looked really good, but also solved that problem with sound. So it became evident to me that it would be a really good idea to suspend the solution. Because it's suspended, the sound waves bounce around a room, and then they are absorbed by the material that these lights are made of.

Wheely Bug: Idea to international success

Wheely Bug have been in operation since 1995. The concept was born from a neighbour child wanting to ride a toy like his big brother. Prototypes were initially tested in childcare centres and iteratively improved. Their instant success encouraged them to start exporting in 2000, and expanded into a workshop with 5 employees in order to make 1000 ride on toys per month. By 2004 demand was so high that they expanded their manufacturing overseas to a US owned Chinese factory. Despite this global success, their headquarters remain in Cairns.

Transcript: Understanding plant breeder's rights webinar


Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to today's webinar, Understanding Plant Breeder’s Rights. My name is Laura Trentini, and I'm from the Strategic Communication team at IP Australia.

Before we begin, I'd like to start with a bit of housekeeping. A copy of today's slides is available for download from the control panel. We will have 10 minutes of Q&A at the end of the presentation, and we welcome you to submit your questions at any stage using the question box.

Transcript: Indigenous Knowledge: Opportunities in the IP System


Welcome. My name’s Alicia Boardman and I’m from the IK Project policy team at IP Australia, here speaking to you from Ngunnawal land. I’m here with my co-host Sarah.


Hi everyone. My name’s Sarah. I’m a Wiradjuri woman also currently on Ngunnawal land. I work in the trade mark and designs space as an Indigenous Knowledge examiner.

Personalised Plates Queensland

In early 2019, Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ), in conjunction with the State Government, gave Queenslanders the option to add a message (‘caption’) to their personalised number plate.

Managing the risk of unintentionally using an existing brand was paramount to the organisation and the Queensland Government. “Creating a valuable product, while ensuring our customers' unique number plates don’t infringe existing brands was a critical decision point for our business” said Taylor Clifford, General Manager, PPQ.

Computer Packages Inc.

Computer Packages Inc. (CPI) is an experienced provider of intellectual property (IP) management systems with more than 50 years in the industry. CPI provides annuity services to customers worldwide, including unique data assurance via patent office electronic data checks, paperless annuity management and dedicated training and support.