Fees for certain extensions of time during the COVID-19 pandemic requested between 1 September and 30 September 2020

Declaration of Public Holidays for 2020

On 22 January 2020, the Acting Director General of IP Australia declared, in accordance with the relevant intellectual property rights legislation, those days when the Canberra office will not be open for business. A copy of the declaration is attached.

The close-down provisions in the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994, Designs Act 2003, Patents Act 1990, Trade Marks Act 1995 and Olympic Insignia Protection Act 1987 each state when the Designs Office, the Patent Office, the PBR Office and the Trade Marks Office are not open for business.

Removal of SFAS & INN Stem Search from Australian Trade Mark Search

The Search for Australian Surnames (SFAS) and INN Stem search tools are no longer available through Australian Trade Mark Search.

The SFAS tool utilised data which is now significantly outdated. IP Australia has been able to update this information by using data provided by the Australian Electoral Commission. Unfortunately, privacy concerns mean this new data is not able to be made publicly available. As a result, the SFAS tool has become removed.