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Performance monitoring

Our approach to measuring our performance against these strategic objectives over the life of the 2020-21 Corporate Plan is outlined below.  


StrategyPerformance CriteriaAnnual Target
Maintain high customer satisfaction with the quality and timeliness of IP rightsCustomer Service Charter (CSC) and legislative commitments are metThere are nine key targets under IP Australia’s Customer Service Charter, available on our website 
Provide effective and efficient trans-Tasman attorney registrationProcess applications within 15 working days from the date that the application complies with registration requirementsAchieve


Service Excellence

StrategyPerformance CriteriaAnnual Target
Improve public awareness of the IP system through tailored education productsImproved awareness of the IP rights system90%+ of people and partners accessing our public education, awareness and information products have an improved understanding of how IP rights can benefit their business 
Digital services suit preferences of customers and exceed expectationsCustomer satisfaction with the reliability and effectiveness of externally facing ICT systems85%+ of customers are satisfied with the reliability and effectiveness of externally facing ICT systems
Build the customer service capability and knowledge of our staffCustomer satisfaction with our staff85%+ of customers are satisfied with our staff is maintained in the customer satisfaction survey


Value Add

StrategyPerformance CriteriaAnnual Target
Improve support for customers seeking to engage in international and domestic marketsUtility of value-added services to customers as measured by evaluation of key initiativesMaintain or improve results for key initiatives, benchmark new initiatives and use feedback to improve future service offerings
Increase the accessibility of our data holdingsIP Australia’s public data is availableIncrease in number of annual downloads from
Provide high quality and timely advice to GovernmentProvision of high quality advice to the Australian Government on policy, legislation, ministerial correspondence and briefsMinisterial briefs and correspondence delivered to the Minister’s Office are of a high quality with less than 10 per cent requested to be redrafted.
100 per cent of ministerial briefs and correspondence requested by the Minister’s Office are delivered within the agreed timeframes