Last updated: 
1 May 2018

The COG Work Quality Standards within the COG QRS are directly linked to two of the three IP Australia quality objectives. The objectives are:

  • Operational Excellence – high performing core business and internal operations
  • Service Excellence – high performing customer services that support our core business
  • Value Add – our expertise is leveraged to deliver value to the Australian IP system and broader economy

Quality Objective 1 - Operational Excellence – high performing core business and internal operations

Quality Standard 1 - Point of Entry processing is correct

1.1. Items Receipted Correctly 
1.1.1. Date Correctly Captured 
1.1.2. Customer Details Correctly Captured
1.1.4. Priority of Document Correctly Identified
1.2. Document Management Correct 
1.2.1. Doc Receipted Correctly (FANG and SONI)
1.3. Delivered to Correct Area 
1.3.1. Phone Passed to Correct Level Support
1.3.2. Scanning Done Correctly (Not all business lines)
1.4. Coding/Classification Completed Correctly 
1.4.1. Documents Coded Correctly
1.4.2. Service Requests Classified Correctly 
1.4.3. Further Classification Completed Correctly

Quality Standard 2 - Service Request processing is complete and correct

2.1. Minimum Filing Requirements Check Completed Correctly 
2.1.1. Check Legal Requirements Are Satisfied Completed Correctly 
2.2. Request Fulfilment Correct 
2.2.1. Date Correctly Captured 
2.2.2. Create Case File Correctly 
2.2.3. Bibliographic Data Entry Correct 
2.2.4. Documents Scanned Correctly (Not all business lines)
2.2.5. Formalities Tasks Completed Correctly (Not all business lines)
2.2.6. Correspondence Out Created and Sent Correctly 
2.2.7. Indexing Completed Correctly
2.2.8. Documents Collated Correctly 
2.3. Delegation Correctly Applied 
2.3.1. Processing Officer has Appropriate Delegations
2.4. Fees Applied Correctly 
2.4.1. Financial Line Items Correctly Entered/Coded
2.4.2. Reconciliation of Financial Line Items Completed Correctly 
2.4.3. Overpayments Correctly Identified and Processed 
2.4.4. Underpayments Correctly Identified and Processed

Quality Standard 3 - Exception processing and error handling are effective

3.1. Corrective Actions Completed 
3.2. Root Cause Analysis Conducted.

Quality Standard 4 - Release/Publication of documents: processing is completed correctly

4.1. Journal Production Completed Correctly 
4.1.1. Publication Type is Correct
4.1.2. Publication Contains Correct Information
4.1.3. Journal Available on IP Australia Website
4.2. Available/Open to Public Inspection 
4.2.1. Case File Correctly Due for API/OPI 
4.2.2. Documents are Correctly Available
4.3. External Facing Data Bases/Information Correct
4.3.1. Privacy requirements interpreted and applied correctly
4.3.2. Copyright requirements interpreted and applied correctly 

Quality Objective 2.0 – Service Excellence – high performing customer services that support our core business

Quality Standard 5 – Correct and Complete information is provided to customers

5.1. Information and Advice Policy Followed Correctly
5.1.1. Information and Advice Policy Followed Correctly
5.1.2. Customer inquiry escalated to level 2 support correctly