Last updated: 
4 March 2016

Once you have filed your design there are a number of additional steps to take or consider.

Registration and the formalities check

Once you have requested registration we will do a formalities check. This check ensures that we have enough information from you to be able to register your design. You can request registration when you file your design application or up to six months from the priority date of the design. Your priority date is usually your filing date but if an earlier application was filed for the same design in another country it may be the filing date of that application.

  • You have six months from your priority date to request registration or publication. If you don't do this within six months your application will lapse.
  • If we do not have enough information to carry out the formalities check or there are issues with your application we will issue you a notice listing what we need from you. If we don’t get all the information we need in two months your application will lapse.
  • The initial registration period lasts for five years. At the end of this first five years you can renew your registration for a further five years.

Optional - certify your design

Once a design has been registered you can then ask for it to be examined and certified making it legally enforceable. This examination will test whether your design is new or distinctive.

If we have issues with your design that prevent us from certifying it we will let you know and you have six months to respond to these issues.

If all issues are resolved and if your design is found to be new and distinctive we will give you a certificate of examination. This means your design is now legally defendable in court if someone uses it without your permission.