Last updated: 
28 January 2021

We are currently undertaking a large-scale transformation of our customer-facing digital platforms, including our Business to Business (B2B) solution and our online services (eServices) platform, to create a better digital experience for you.

Shaping a better digital experience for all customers

We are replacing our legacy online services platform (eServices) with a more modern, intuitive and efficient digital experience that better meets your needs.

Our services are shifting to the new platform in a staged approach, so you may have already seen changes when accessing our services. The new platform will eventually cater for all your online services and more.

You can access the new online services platform now by logging in with your existing account details.

We are committed to creating a better experience for all customers, so we have placed you at the centre of this large-scale transformation. We want your feedback on what is working well and what could be improved so that we can continue to make improvements to your digital experience. You can use the feedback tool within the platform to rate your experience and leave a suggestion.

To stay informed on upcoming improvements and releases, see the Stay Informed page within online services or email the project team to keep up to date on the upgrade of our online services.

There should not be any interruptions to our services, but you will notice changes in your online experience. We appreciate your patience while we make these improvements.

Making it easier for our high-volume customers

Our Business to Business (B2B) platform has been replaced with a modern and efficient system that makes it faster and easier for our high-volume customers to apply for and manage intellectual property (IP) rights. 

Using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), we have transformed how businesses securely lodge multiple applications and renewals in a single transaction.

Our APIs are designed to enable our high-volume customers to integrate their case management systems and develop innovative solutions to manage IP rights.

Read more about how you can get started with our APIs.