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8 April 2016

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Your reference

Your reference allows you to enter a unique reference of your choice. You can use any combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

This reference can be used by you to identify this eServices transaction.

The agent acting for this application is

You are required to nominate a main contact for your application. The main contact does not need to be an applicant. Correspondence regarding your application will be addressed to the main contact that you nominate.

If the main contact is not already listed as an applicant, you can add the name of the person, agent or authorised signatory to your application (e.g If you have selected an organisation as your main contact you can nominate who your correspondence will be addressed to).

Attach a single file containing your trade mark

You can attach one file in one of the following file formats: JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), TIFF (.tif) or PNG (.png). The file can not exceed 20MB in size.

See the Image requirements for eServices.

I want to amend the goods and services covered by my TM Headstart Request

You can amend the goods and/or services covered by your TM Headstart Request through the following options:

If you want to remove an entire class from the request click the Remove Class link.

If you want to edit the goods and/or services within the class click the Edit link. A list of the existing goods and/or services will be displayed for you to add/remove items as required. When you have finished making the changes click 'SAVE'.

If you have only one item of goods and/or services in the list you will not be able to edit this item. If you wish to edit or add another item to your existing class you will need to click ADD ANOTHER CLASS. Make the changes and then click ADD SELECTED ITEMS.

You can add additional classes by clicking the 'ADD ANOTHER CLASS' button. Type a word into the search field. The search will provide you with an indicative list of the goods and/or services that typically fall in each class and that may apply to your trade mark. You can then pick the goods and/or services that you want from the list and add them to your application. When you have finished click 'ADD SELECTED ITEMS'.

Further changes that the TM Headstart Examiner should take into consideration

Provide any additional changes to your request for the TM Headstart Examiner's consideration.

For example you could include: change of owner name, change of address for service, details of your convention claim or any other administrative matter that you would like to change, remove or add to your existing application.

If you are changing your address, do not provide your home address to IP Australia if you do not want it published online. You can provide an Australian post office box or other valid Australian address as your address if you want to keep your home address private.

IP right number

Your IP Right number is your Trade Mark Headstart application number. You can find the trade mark number on any correspondence we have sent to you regarding this application in your eServices history.