People Strategy

Our People Strategy articulates the key areas IP Australia will continue focusing on to develop and leverage the capability of our people, and achieve a contemporary and adaptable organisation:


 A visual representation of IP Australia’s People Plan


The People Strategy provides a high-level direction for building the capability of our people and works alongside our Strategic Workforce Plan. These combined plans provide the evidence to inform our approach to meeting our future workforce needs and how we can best leverage the capability, motivation and engagement of our current workforce. Specifically, in 2021-22, IP Australia will focus on:

  • Workforce capability: implementing and maturing a structured approach to attraction, capability uplift, workforce planning and succession planning to identify, understand and feed our talent pipeline.
  • Workforce safety: supporting and promoting employee safety and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and development of workforce resilience.

International Engagement Strategy

Our International Engagement Strategy aims to position IP Australia to respond dynamically to challenges and opportunities as they arise in the international environment.

In 2021-22, international policy engagement will continue to focus on three key issues:

  1. Support for Australian Exporters – Researching and tailoring information and support for Australian exporters to assist them with IP protection and enforcement challenges.
  2. Regional Cooperation – Working with regional partners to improve consistency of outcomes in the region and access to the global services for protecting IP across borders, particularly the Madrid System for the international registration of trade marks.
  3. International Data Offerings – Further developing our collection of public data in partnership with IP Offices and international organisations to provide improved data for analysis, economic and policy insights.

Building and strengthening the multilateral system in the interests of Australian innovators and business will continue to be an overarching international policy engagement priority.

IT Strategy 2022

Our IT Strategy 2022 aligns the agency’s technology direction with our Corporate Plan and supports the delivery of strategic objectives. Our strategic objectives guide our prioritisation of technology initiatives and promotes innovation and utilisation of new digital capabilities to increase the speed of delivery.

The IT Strategy 2022 has been developed to ensure our technology meets the needs and expectations of our workforce, our customers and our broader stakeholder groups. Our IT Strategy will:

  • Modernise the administration of IP rights - supporting efficiency, reliability and high quality.
  • Simplify, secure and stabilise our IT foundations – with a strong focus on cyber security methods and techniques.
  • Enable us to be a Government leader in the provision of digital services.
  • Transition our agency to business centric delivery.
  • Empower the agency and broader stakeholders through the utilisation and sharing of our information.
  • Build the capability that enables us to research, develop and embed smart systems to improve the way we do business.

Our IT Strategy is reviewed annually in the light of evolving business needs and technological advancements. Each review will include an environmental scan of emerging business needs, architectural directions, relevant industry innovations and Whole of Australian Government policy directions.

Capital Investment Strategy

IP Australia applies a strategic approach to the investment, development and delivery of new and improved technology to modernise and transform service delivery for the benefit of customers and to support the achievement of the organisation’s outcome for Government.

To drive this agenda, IP Australia has a healthy balance sheet supported by forecasted moderate growth of our cash reserves, that places us in a solid position to respond flexibly to new investment opportunities and as we prepare for our next peak investment cycle (approaching 2030).

We will continue to focus our efforts to modernise and upgrade our business-critical ICT platforms, replace existing assets as they fully depreciate, and provide solutions to enhance our service delivery and operational capabilities for our customers and the workforce.

There are five key areas for capital investment in 2021-22

  1. Improvements of our patents administration systems
  2. Enhancing and modernising our customer service and information channels
  3. Uplifting the cyber security position of our IT environment
  4. Continued development of our data analytics capabilities as aligned to our Information Matters Strategy
  5. Supporting the IT Strategy 2022.