Our key performance setting and reporting documents are the Portfolio Budget Statement (PBS), Annual Report encompassing the Annual Performance Statement, and our Corporate Plan. Other key controls that contribute to our performance framework are set out below.


The regulator performance framework aims to reduce unnecessary or inefficient regulation imposed on individuals, business and community organisations. Performance against the framework has been measured through an externally validated self-assessment report which aims to identify the extent to which a regulator is performing the Government’s expectations of a regulator’s performance.

New guidance is currently being developed to outline the principles of best practice that underpin the Government’s expectations of regulators and their performance. It will provide guidance to assist Commonwealth regulators to report on their performance against these expectations.

The performance expectations and reporting arrangements outlined in the new guidance apply from 1 July 2021. There will be a transition period of one year, with guidance provided by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Department of Finance to support regulators in implementing the new arrangements.


We have made a commitment to sustainable operations and the protection of our environment. We do this through compliance with Government policies and the maintenance of an Environmental Management System (EMS), designed and certified to ISO 14001:2015. Our Environmental Policy establishes objectives for environmentally sustainable operations including protecting the environment, preventing pollution and implementing a modern digital workplace with a smaller, more efficient footprint. We aim to ensure our operations meet or exceed our environmental compliance obligations and objectives.


Applying an internationally recognised best practice approach to our business is an important part of our relationship with our customers. IP Australia is committed to building on our strong reputation for delivering quality products and services.

Through our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System (QMS) we identify and address customer feedback and improvements that build the capability and efficiency of our people and our organisation. We have implemented a streamlined and simplified quality management framework that will drive improvements and innovations in examination practice over the coming years.

Cost recovery

IP Australia is a cost recovered agency with fees set under IP rights legislation in accordance with the Australian Government Charging Framework and Cost Recovery Guidelines. With the exception of an annual appropriation of $0.4 million to cover ministerial services, all of our costs are covered by revenue generated through customer fees.

Further information on the breakdown of expenditure associated with each IP right can be found in our Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS).