Strategic objectives

The below strategic objectives, key activities and performance measures demonstrate how IP Australia will deliver against Outcome 1: Increased innovation, investment and trade in Australia, and by Australians overseas, through the administration of the registrable intellectual property rights system, promoting public awareness and industry engagement, and advising government.

The strategic objectives for our current corporate plan 2021-2025 are:

  1. Operational Excellence – ensuring that our core business and internal operations are high performing.
  2. Service Excellence – ensuring we have high performing customer services that support our core business.
  3. Value Add – that we leverage our expertise to deliver value to the broader IP system and economy.

Our focus for 2021-22 is to continue improving IP rights administration and registration, the provision of valuable and active engagement with our customers and the provision of quality information and advice to better shape the domestic and international IP rights system.


Operational Excellence:

High performing core business and internal operations

Maintain high customer satisfaction with the quality and timeliness of IP rights

  • Consistently meet our Customer Service Charter commitments, providing quality and timely IP rights administration.

Provide effective and efficient trans-Tasman attorney registration

  • The bilateral arrangement establishing the TTIPA regime for regulation of the IP profession will be reviewed in collaboration with the NZ Government.

Service Excellence:


High performing customer services that support our core business

Improve public awareness of the IP system through tailored education products

  • Deliver education and awareness programs to our customers.
  • Engage with industry partners to promote the importance of the IP system.

Digital services suit preferences of customers and exceed expectations

  • Continue to modernise our ICT platforms and environment to better support our customers.

Build the customer service capability and knowledge of our staff

  • Continue to progress our Capability Framework to ensure our staff have the capabilities to support our customers and effectively administer the IP system.

Value Add:


Our expertise is leveraged to deliver value to the IP system, stakeholders and the broader economy


Increase the accessibility of our data

  • Enhance our data capability to ensure that IP Australia’s information is used to deliver, shape and inform policymaking and services across government as well as for our core business and customers.
  • Improve the quality of data we provide through the Australian Government’s open data repository (, providing more information to enable new areas of research.

Provide high quality and timely advice to Government

  • Continue to provide high quality advice to the Government on the development of IP policy and legislation.
  • Maintain the quality of ministerial correspondence and briefs.

Trade mark digital authentication

  • Trial trade mark digital authentication through our Smart Trade Marks to provide businesses protection against misuse from counterfeiting and provide consumers confidence that they are purchasing authentic products and services