Location of service: 
Nationally via digital, NSW
Services offered via digital means: 
Yes, via Skype, Teleconferencing, MODRON
IP Right: 
Patents, Trade marks
Integrated Conflict Resolution Pty Ltd

Mobile: 0412 935 775

Email: Anthony@icresolution.com.au.


$250/hr, $3,000/day. Negotiable reduced rates when an extended mediation is requested

Proficient languages: 
Italian and Spanish

Mediation experience

Anthony has acquired dispute resolution and facilitation skills in his 41 years as a legal practitioner in NSW. He has appeared for parties in hundreds of mediations since the late 1990s.  Such skills have also been further developed during the periods of his appointment as a District Court Arbitrator and Local Court Arbitrator and continue to be developed in his role as a Member of the Gladesville Hornsby Football Association General Purpose Tribunal, a Member of the Football NSW Appeals Tribunal and as a Sessional Arbitrator of the Workers Compensation Commission. Anthony also provides pro bono mediation services to Football NSW. He has utilised his conciliation skills in his own mediation and legal practice, by facilitating difficult conversations in workplace disputes, board room disputes in NFP organisations, stockbroking disputes, sporting disputes, medical and professional negligence disputes and in commercial disputes, including some disputes relating to patents and trademarks.

Mediation qualifications

Anthony is an accredited mediator (NMAS) having gained his national accreditation in 2013 and is a Practitioner Member of the Resolution Institute (formerly known as LEADR).

Anthony is on The Law Society of NSW Mediators' Panel and is a member of The Law Society of NSW ADR Committee.

Specialist experience and qualifications

Anthony has had some general experience in the field of IP in both his legal and mediation practices.


Additional information

Anthony has developed strong communication skills in his 41 years as a legal practitioner and more recently as a mediator in NSW. He is a "people person" with effective listening and communication skills. Such skills enable him to effectively communicate with parties in dispute and with their legal representatives. Anthony has demonstrated a high degree of professional integrity and independence amongst his peers in the legal community and in his sporting community, which has been demonstrated by the appointments referred to above.