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Nationally via digital, ACT, NSW
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Can provide digital mediation services through Zoom (a secure web-based video conferencing platform) or via Skype.
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Chalice Consulting Pty Ltd

Mobile: 0414 340 024

Email: kprice@chaliceconsulting.com

Address: PO Box 6876, Charnwood ACT 2615


$200/hr; $1,400/day; Reduced rates can be negotiated for extended mediation and/or for not-for-profit and social enterprises.

If applicable, reimbursement for venue hire and travel may also apply, as agreed in advance.

Fees apply to costs associated with:

• preparation time including communication with participants to confirm arrangements;

• facilitation of the Mediation itself;

• follow-up after Mediation as required;

• administration of the Mediation service e.g. invoicing & record keeping.

Estimated times: Dispute Assessment 30-50 minutes each

Pre-Mediation Interviews 50-90 minutes each

Mediation Session 2-4 hours per session

Mediation experience

Chalice Consulting's Managing Director and Principle Practitioner, Kathryn Price, has been a nationally accredited mediator for over ten years. Kate has conducted over 300 mediation sessions and assessment and coaching for hundreds more cases including complex and multi-party conflicts. Kate's expertise was recognised in 2010, when Davidson Trahaire Corpsych appointed her their National Subject Matter Expert for Conflict@ Work® services, accountable for the application of the OTC mediation model and provision of clinical and case review support.

Kate brings:

  • A rich mix of community, private & public sector background over twenty years.
  • Diverse consulting experience in relationship management and capacity building.
  • Success facilitating collaborative action to reach objectives.
  • Recognised expertise in dispute resolution.

In addition to a successful private consulting practice, Chalice Consulting continues to provide services on a contract basis for Davidson Trahaire Corpsych, Resolution Institute, and the Australian Disputes Centre.

Mediation qualifications

NMAS Accreditation, Resolution Institute from 3 November 2014 (current)

NMAS Accreditation, IAMA from 5 June 2010

Mediation accreditation, Conflict Resolution Service from 2005

Grad Dip in Family Dispute Resolution 2015

Certificate IV in Community Mediation 2005

Specialist experience and qualifications

Chalice Consulting is a specialist conflict resolution service with over ten years of experience in the fields of dispute resolution and restorative practice. We have worked with Australian Government agencies and departments to develop their conflict management capabilities, including:

  • the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations
  • the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  • the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
  • the Australian Tax Office
  • the Department of Health and Aging
  • the Department of the Environment

Our expertise is in supporting individuals, teams or organisations to develop the awareness, skills and strategies required to handle conflict successfully. Chalice Consulting has a strong commitment to restorative engagement and recognizes the potential to enhance business and community relationships through restorative practice. We are proud to partner with the ACT Government in the Restorative City Initiative. Chalice Consulting is an active participant in the Canberra Restorative Community, a network of practitioners, professionals, and academics expanding community knowledge of restorative practice.


Additional information

We recognise that outcomes chosen by the participants in a dispute are stronger and more sustainable than decisions imposed from outside. Our facilitative mediation process engages parties in a transparent and collaborative approach that allows the parties to stay in control, have their say and achieve outcomes they know will work.