Location of service: 
Nationally via digital, NSW
Services offered via digital means: 
Yes – videoconference via online services Zoom or Modron, Skype and teleconferencing.
IP Right: 
Trade marks, Designs
The Backing Group

Address: 15 Milton Place Frenchs Forest NSW 3 2086

Email: keith@thebackinggroup.com

Mobile: 0418 400 921


$200 per person/hr; $1,600 per person/day and beyond 12 hours - $150 per hour.

Mediation experience

Commenced practising mediation in 1998, conducting mediations in Australia, the USA, Canada and South East Asia in areas as diverse as design disputes (landscape, architectural, online games and websites, creator rights ownership (music, film, photography) and trademarks.

Mediation qualifications

Master of Dispute Resolution, UTS

Accredited member of Resolution Institute under NMAS

Specialist experience and qualifications

Michael McMartin and Keith Welsh each have over 40 years experience in the Australian and International Creative Industries dealing with Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Patents, Copyright and Licensing across a wide range of sectors including Music, Film, Photography, Graphic Art, Design and Merchandising. Additionally Michael has worked extensively in the field of Landscape Design while Keith has worked in the field of Print Publishing


Additional information

Keith began his career in the creative industries as a founding member of Australian international success story ICEHOUSE.

He has a Master of Dispute Resolution degree from the Law School of UTS in Sydney and is a fully qualified, certified and practicing Mediator and Facilitator.

His background in creating, running and selling SME businesses gives him insight into the issues in the workplace including inter-personal relationships and disputes, corporate structure and training, intellectual property issues and succession planning.

He has published magazines in Australia and Canada, run a record label and publishing company, served as Chair of AMPAL (Australasian Music Publishers Association Limited) and on the Board of AMCOS (Australasian Music Copyright Owners Society) plus is a former Deputy Chair on the Board of MusicNSW.

His career has led him to work extensively in the US, Canadian and UK markets as well as throughout Australia and New Zealand