Location of service: 
Nationally via digital, WA
Services offered via digital means: 
Yes, via video conferencing, Microsoft Skype, Apple FaceTime
IP Right: 
Patents, Trade marks, Designs, Plant breeder's rights
Lieblich & Associates

Email: steve@lieblich.com.au

Phone: 08 6262 9336


$315/hr (ex. GST), Reduced rates may be agreed where an extended mediation is requested.

Proficient languages: 
English and Hebrew

Mediation experience

Has provided about 1500 hours of formal Alternative Dispute Resolution Services which includes over 200 hours in mediation as well as about 1200 hours in determinative dispute-resolution processes.

Many of my mediation clients were referred by the WA Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC). I'll be pleased to provide references to the SBDC Case Managers on request.

Prior to my formal training in alternative dispute resolution and establishing my dispute-resolution practice (from 2000), I spent decades managing major, complex, engineered systems projects that generally included agreed processes for resolution of technical and commercial issues that could not be rapidly resolved between parties in day-to-day contact. The resolution process would always involve referral to a more senior management level for resolution. I was often on the Board or Steering Committee of such major projects, to whom unresolved "issues" would be referred for resolution, usually involving informal mediation, conciliation or private judging / adjudication.

Mediation qualifications

Member of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators (IAMA) since 2002.

IAMA Practitioner's Certificate in Mediation and Conciliation in 2005.

IAMA accreditation as Mediator in 2006.

IAMA Practitioner's Certificate in Mediation (in accordance with new National Standards) in 2012. IAMA Certificate of National Accreditation as Mediator (re-accreditation for 20 14-16) in 2014.

National Accreditation as Mediator by Resolution Institute (merged IAMA and LEADR). Current accreditation is valid from 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2018.

Specialist experience and qualifications

I am an Engineer who moved rapidly into business development, business-unit management, corporate management, and onto the Board of directors of private and public companies, before starting my own consulting, investment and dispute-resolution business in 2000

My business success is based on establishing, developing and maintaining sustained relationships with clients, allies, directors, executive staff and suppliers. This focus on sustained relationships includes skills in dispute resolution in a manner that avoids adversarial approaches as much as possible and best protects those relationships for the long-term.

  • Over 25 years in roles focussed on managing commercial and contractual relationships
  • Experienced project engineer, project manager, senior management and director
  • Consultant in the management of alliances and facilitating negotiation and dispute-resolution in professional relationships
  • Provides dispute-resolution services under various formal processes, often succeeding to bring the parties to a resolution BY CONSENT, despite having authority as an arbitrator or adjudicator to determine the matter.

Additional information

My track record includes many decades of success in engineering businesses providing complex, engineered, automation, process-control and information systems. Intellectual property (IP) issues were always key elements in our contracts, and so I've gained practical understanding of IP and its commercial impact and value and in resolving competing claims for IP rights or moral rights.

As a Director and then Chairman of Amristar (2000 - 2012) I was responsible for the commercialisation of our original, proprietary Web mapping software product negotiating first license sales, identifying key market niches, and negotiating strategic alliances with key customers.

As Non-executive Director for BigRedSky Limited (2000-2002) , I commenced commercialisation of a new recruitment-management software product by identifying business development  prospects and negotiating license sales and distribution agreements with key customers and allies.

As Executive Director of Motherwell Information Systems, I identified a key company acquisition (Vector International), achieving significant synergies but also adding new intellectual property and a strategic position in a new market segment. I also developed a strategy to "productise" our IP derived from WA bulk-materials-handling expertise in a software product.

As an Account Executive for Honeywell Ltd in WA (1983-5) , I identified common features of several contracts with major industrial clients as an opportunity to capture IP by developing the proprietary "SN60" Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software ; a product which was ultimately licensed for use by thousands of clients globally.