Welcome to the Australian Intellectual Property Report 2018

As Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation, I am pleased to present the 2018 edition of the Australian Intellectual Property (IP) Report.

Around the world, the crucial role played by innovation in raising productivity and economic growth is now well recognised. IP provides a foundation for innovation by protecting new knowledge creation, allowing inventors to pursue innovative activity confident that they will be able to benefit from their investment. IP rights underpin the value of intangible assets which increasingly dominate investment in advanced economies. A well designed and administered IP regime attracts knowledge and capital flows and becomes a source of competitive advantage for a national economy.

Each year IP Australia presents data, trends and analysis of Australia’s IP system that aims to inform and stimulate discussion, promote IP awareness and assist with decision-making on IP and innovation policy.

The latest statistics suggest Australia’s IP system is in good health, with demand for patents, trade marks and designs all increasing in 2017. Strong growth in non-resident applications for trade marks and designs is an indication that international businesses see Australia as an attractive market with good potential for future growth. These trends also provide positive signals about the Government’s focus on creating an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship in Australia.

As a Government, we understand the economic importance of IP for trade, investment and growth. The high stakes involved make it crucial to ensure that our IP system strikes the right balance between enabling innovation and fostering the sharing of new knowledge.

I am confident that the data, research and analysis produced by IP Australia, and summarised in this year’s Australian IP Report, provides valuable insights that will drive future improvements in Australia’s IP system and stimulate innovation for the benefit of all.


Senator Zed Seselja
Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation

View the IP Report in PDF format (2MB).