IP Report 2020 - Patents' Data Visualisation

Key findings from the IP Report 2020 for Patents are:

  • In 2019, 29 758 standard patent applications were received in Australia.
  • 13,125 standard patent applications were received from the United States of America for the Australian market – the largest country of origin.
  • Medical technology was the largest source of standard patent applications by technology. 3 665 applications were received.

This Tableau visualisation enables users to look further into the data on Patents presented in the 2020 IP Report. Note that some minor differences may appear between the filings by top applicants shown in this data visualisation and those in Figure 4 of the IP Report. This is attributable to the different data sources used.

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For accessibility, the data for the Patents visualisation is also available as an Excel spreadsheet and as an infographic.

Data visualisations on this page may not meet accessibility requirements however alternate data sources have been provided. Read our accessibility statement for more information.

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