Updating trade mark opposition requests

We're working hard to improve your experience when filing a trade mark opposition.  

We've been busy updating our trade mark opposition requests to provide a modern and streamlined process that makes it easier and faster to file.

As a first step, we recently updated the Notice of Intention to Oppose (NIO), allowing it to be filed through our online services platform.

We're now working on improvements to the Statement of Grounds and Particulars (SGP) and Notice of Intention to Defend (NID) requests.

These changes are in response to customer feedback and will remove the additional burden of needing to download, complete and upload forms to make the overall filing process simpler and improve completion times.

Improving the structure of the process requests will help you easily navigate the filing process and enable you to select grounds that are relevant to your opposition matter in a faster and easier way.

The new Statement of Grounds and Particulars will be available for filing through online services from late October, with the new Notice of Intention to Defend becoming available later in the year.

Watch this space for more information on release dates and upcoming improvements we're working on, or sign up to our monthly newsletter, What’s New , to stay informed.

Please feel free to contact the project team if you have any questions.