IP Australia is eInvoice enabled

IP Australia has adopted the PEPPOL Framework as the common standard for electronic invoicing (e-invoicing), and now has the ability to receive e-invoices from our vendors.  

An e-invoice enables the digital exchange of invoices and other documents over a secure network between buyers and suppliers registered on the PEPPOL network. The new channel is a more efficient, accurate and secure way for suppliers and buyers to transact and provides suppliers with payment within 5 calendar days, once a correctly rendered invoice is received.

All Australian Government agencies were mandated to become PEPPOL enabled by 1 July 2022. It is a significant step towards a digital economy that will improve the payment experience for Australian businesses, and IP Australia is pleased to have achieved this milestone and provide this to our suppliers.

Using PEPPOL or e-invoicing

If you would like to join the PEPPOL network, and have your invoices paid by us within 5 calendar days, you should:

  1. Check with your software provider to see if your accounting software is e-invoicing enabled and follow their steps to get started. If you don’t use accounting software, there are free and low-cost options available to help you start e-invoicing now
  2. Submit your invoice via the PEPPOL network to IP Australia.

If you do not wish to become e-invoice enabled, you can continue to submit your invoices to IP Australia as you normally would, for payment within 20 calendar days.

Find out more

If you would like to join us on the e-invoicing journey, we encourage you to visit business.gov.au/eInvoicing for more information, and to become PEPPOL enabled.