Patent co-design project

As part of our commitment to building the IP system of the future, we’ve commissioned a ground-breaking research study into the feasibility of a patent co-design process.

We’re asking the question:  

Could the patenting process be updated to enable co-design opportunities for interested applicants, attorneys, and IP Australia?    

We've commissioned a preliminary study to investigate how we might work together to develop patent specifications through the drafting, application, examination, amendment, and acceptance stages.     

Our goal is to envision and evaluate a more collaborative patenting process that still produces high quality and timely patents, and leverages new technologies to make the process easier and cheaper for our customers.   

This feasibility study is a step towards a more adaptive, accessible patent system that is fit for the future needs of businesses. 

What's next?

We're serious about authentic collaboration, and we are working with interested stakeholders from the onset and throughout the feasibility study.

This research project has begun with stakeholder interviews and analysis, and continued engagement will continue throughout 2023.  

Have your say! 

We invite comments and discussion, and welcome interested parties to connect with our research team.   
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