Introducing the new look PBR search

We've refreshed the look and feel of the Australian plant breeder's right search.

We’ve launched a new look and feel PBR search that better serves our customers in line with modern design and functionality. 

Our new system makes it easier to:

  • Search for plant varieties
  • Check status and ownership details
  • See what varieties look like
  • Download detailed descriptions.

Try the new search

Decommission of the original search database

The original PBR database search will be decommissioned in the coming months. We'll continue to operate the existing PBR database search in the meantime. 

With all new products, there may be some bugs that pop up from time to time. If you come across a technical issue or a discrepancy, let us know.

Share your thoughts

During the transition between old to new, we want to know:

  • What you like
  • What isn’t working so well
  • Any bugs or technical issues.

Your feedback shapes valuable insights into how we can continue to improve the new search system. As our technology evolves in the background, we’ll be better placed to deliver improvements that make it easier to search for PBR information. 

Share your feedback