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We want to hear from you. Here's how you can help us improve the Australian design rights system.

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We're currently seeking your input on proposals to improve the Australian design rights system. This work aims to ensure it:

  • Remains modern and accessible
  • Drives innovation
  • Delivers greater benefits to the Australian economy. 

Our consultation covers three topics: 

  1. Virtual designs — the protection of non-physical and active-state designs (including screen displays, screen icons and graphical user interfaces [GUIs]) 
  2. Partial designs — the protection of only part of a product made in one piece  
  3. Incremental designs — the protection of designs as they evolve during the design process. 

These changes form the second part of a two-stage program of designs reform to enhance designs protection in Australia. 

Closing 13 August 2023

To find out more and have your say, check out our consultation hub.

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