Building inclusion at IP Australia

From inclusion to belonging.

At IP Australia, we believe that inclusion and diversity are key to innovation. We’re committed to providing a workplace where difference is welcomed and everyone feels safe, included, valued, respected, empowered and accepted.


We’re proud to share that, in recognition of these values, we’ve been given Inclusive Employer status by Diversity Council Australia.


IP Australia Director General Michael Schwager said this acknowledgement shows our commitment to creating a workplace that welcomes difference and where people feel they belong.

“Embracing diversity and being truly inclusive provides IP Australia with increased diversity of thought, experience and skills resulting in greater productivity, creativity and innovation,” he said.

“We will celebrate this achievement together and continue to build on our strong foundation now and into the future."

As part of building on our work to date, we’re proud to launch our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2023-2026. This outlines our vision of a workplace culture that strives for a sense of belonging.

It will empower us to:

  • increase our representation of diverse employees
  • use inclusive contemporary practices and improve employee experiences
  • further embed cultural awareness and safety
  • increase our inclusive leadership capability
  • celebrate the unique perspectives, experiences, and talents of our diverse workforce.

Increasing diverse representation, visible leadership, engagement and accountability will help us take strides towards our goal of a connected workplace with a respectful culture.