Proposed changes to our fees

We've released our 2024-2025 draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement and Costs Awarded. Tell us what you think about our proposed fee changes. Public consultation is open until Sunday 21 January 2024.

Your feedback is welcome

We're committed to reviewing our fees every 4 years to assess the entity’s cost recovery arrangements in accordance with the Australian Government Charging Framework. Regular and ongoing reviews help to ensure IP Australia’s fees reflect efficient and effective costs, that fee setting is transparent and accountable, and fees are set to recover the costs associated with administering the IP Rights system in Australia.  

A public consultation period for submissions on our current fee structure was available from 24 May 2023 until 2 July 2023. All submissions received during this consultation period were considered and workshopped by the Fee Review Working Group. While not every submission can result in an immediate change to fees, some may be considered as part of longer-term agency strategy or be included for further consideration in a future fee review.  

What happens next? 

A draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) has been prepared, outlining the proposed fee changes. You can review the draft CRIS below.

In addition to this, we've used the fee review process to also reconsider the costs that could be awarded in patents, trade marks or design rights proceedings. You can review the proposed costs awarded.

We invite you to review these documents and provide any further relevant feedback you may have. You can submit your feedback via our public consultations until Sunday 21 January 2024.