China IP: what Australians need to know

Are you considering exporting to, or contracting manufacturing, in China? Learn how you can make protecting your intellectual property (IP) your main priority.  

Understanding Chinese IP

IP enforcement in China has improved greatly in recent years, but foreign businesses still regularly face IP issues. 

The good news is that by understanding the Chinese IP system and taking early proactive steps, you can avoid most common IP problems.

What you'll learn

IP Australia’s former Beijing-based IP Counsellor David Bennett talks about the practical steps you can take to protect your IP in China.
This webinar covers:

  • Common IP issues and how to avoid them
  • Registering IP rights in China
  • Brands and trade marks
  • Online and offline enforcement
  • Contracts for China
  • What to do before you visit
  • Trade shows and domain names.

China IP: What Australians need to know

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