Last updated: 
25 August 2016

Withdrawal of PCT-SAFE as a means of filing PCT applications

IP Australia has made the decision to decommission PCT-SAFE as a mode of filing PCT applications. The withdrawal of this mode of filing will take effect on 1 September 2016.

WIPO has introduced a highly improved PCT filing mechanism “ePCT” which has now overtaken PCT-SAFE as the top electronic filing mode of Australian PCT applications. ePCT is IP Australia’s most preferred method of filing and the only method that attracts a discount in the International Filing Fee.

What does this mean?

With the closure of PCT-SAFE, we still have several options available for filing PCT applications:

ePCT – WIPO’s latest fully electronic offering and our preferred method of filing – receives WIPO fee discount.
eServices – no WIPO fee discount.
Paper (posted to IP Australia) – no WIPO fee discount.

Information on how to apply can be found on our application process page. There is also a dedicated page on filing with ePCT. For more information on ePCT please refer to the WIPO FAQ’s, User Guide and Getting Started page.

If you have any general enquiries relating to the withdrawal of PCT-SAFE as a method of filing or about alternate methods of filing, please contact