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IP Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for administering Australia’s patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights (PBR) systems. Copyright is the responsibility of the Department of Communications and the Arts. As well as granting exclusive rights under the statutes it administers, IP Australia works closely with the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to advise the Australian Government on IP policy and changes to IP rights legislation.

IP Australia’s policy issue register is a list of issues that IP Australia is considering or working on for policy action or legislative amendment. Issues can come to IP Australia’s attention as a result of Australian Government priorities, recommendations of IP related reviews, stakeholder suggestions, international IP developments, and through internal proposals.

Publication of IP Australia’s policy issue register is a trial in an effort to provide additional transparency, and engage more frequently with the public about upcoming legislative proposals. This is consistent with the Australian Government’s Open Government National Action Plan commitment 5.2 to enhance public participation in government decision making. We invite feedback on the policy issues through the feedback forms accompanying each individual issue. You can also submit new policy issues for IP Australia’s consideration using the form below.

The presence of an issue on this register, and its indicated priority, is not an indication that policy or legislative change will necessarily take place, merely that IP Australia is aware of the issue. As mentioned above, IP Australia works closely with the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to advise the Australian Government on IP policy. The Government determines which issues will ultimately form Bills for introduction to the Parliament as proposed amendments to legislation.


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Other relevant resources

IP Australia conducts public consultation on policy issues we are working on. Current and past consultations can be found at:




You may also be interested in SNIPER, a bibliographic database maintained by IP Australia that provides an ongoing knowledge infrastructure to support policy and awareness of intellectual property matters.





Action will be taken by IP Australia at the next available opportunity


Desirable for action by IP Australia in the medium term, but will not be addressed immediately


Limited evidence or justification for change at the present time. Unlikely to be progressed by IP Australia in the short or medium term.

Not yet prioritised

IP Australia is yet to complete an assessment of priority of this issue.


Under internal evaluation

IP Australia is considering the issue, and whether further action is considered required.

On Hold

This issue is not being progressed by IP Australia at the present time, but is recorded on the register for potential work by IP Australia in future.

Policy Development

IP Australia is working on the policy options for addressing this issue.


Public consultation is ongoing on this issue [should link to consultation page].

Legislative drafting

The Government has approved legislative action on this issue. Appropriate legislative amendments are being prepared.

In Parliament

A Bill is being considered by Parliament to address this issue [should link to Bill].

Last updated: 
25 May 2017